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Make sure you only spend your money on a good daily healthy eating plan that will help you reach your health goals successfully. Here are 5 easy ways you can check whether a workbook of healthy food menus has what it takes to switch you on to healthy eating habits long-term.

Follow Healthy Eating Guidelines

Health authorities give very clear messages about the number of servings that should be eaten from each food group. Serving sizes are also clearly outlined. For example, adults should eat at least 5 servings of vegetables daily, with a serving of vegetables being equivalent to ½ cup or 75g.

Check that your daily healthy eating plan includes the correct amount of servings to provide a balanced diet.

Fit Your Lifestyle

A good plan allows some flexibility. Following an overly prescriptive daily healthy eating plan is very difficult over the long term. The effort it takes to check every mouthful you should (or shouldn’t) be eating can quickly drain your motivation. There’s also the time it takes to look up, assemble ingredients and follow recipes for every meal and snack.

Instead choose a plan that offers clear guidelines and teaches you how to incorporate healthy eating habits into your life long-term. It must also give you recipes for healthy food that you can prepare easily for key meals of the day.

Empower You

To change your eating habits permanently you need a plan that provides you with knowledge and skills to continue making healthy food choices independently. You should look for nutritional information, shopping guides and tips on planning and preparing healthy food. The best healthy eating plan will teach you how to make healthy food choices for yourself.

Motivate You

Some healthy food menus simply ask for too much change too quickly. You may be able to stick with these kinds of plans for a week or so, but it’s more likely you’ll succeed if you can modify your eating habits gradually. Otherwise it’s possible you’ll shock your system and suffer from feeling as if you are being deprived of other favourite foods.

Unfortunately the statistics show that most dieters fail to successfully maintain healthy eating habits long term. A good daily healthy eating plan will give you tools to set goals, check your progress and stay motivated. As well as being told what to do, you’ll need regular reminders about why you’re doing it.

Support You

You don’t have to do it alone. There are so many healthy food menus offered by individuals rather than publishing companies. I know that I personally have put a lot of effort into developing the Veg Up daily healthy eating plans in order to help you succeed. As a result, I’m more than happy to provide back up and support when Veg Up readers contact me directly. Actually, I’m overjoyed. It means all my hard work is worthwhile because I’m able to help someone. When I can support you even further and ensure Veg Up helps you make a strong and positive change to your life, that makes my day!

Check also for a communities of like-minded people you can share resources and encouragement with, such as the Veg Up forums. Good on you for even looking for a daily healthy eating plan that will help you make healthier decisions about your food. You are obviously committed to making some changes in your life that will make you feel stronger and happier in your body. Researching your choices is an excellent beginning, good luck!

Create your own healthy eating challenges and receive feedback and support from the Growing Raw Health community.

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