Eating to Get the Full Benefit of Physical Fitness

benefit of physical fitness

Healthy eating empowers you to get the full benefit of physical fitness. Having your body fully fuelled enables you to get your best effort when you train.

Nutrition and physical fitness

Good nutrition and physical fitness lead towards each other. Either you start eating better, feel healthier and start looking for something to do with your extra energy, or you start exercising and then realise that your body need better fuel.

Practise one without the other and you’ll probably hit your limit early. You need to incorporate both sides of the health equation to get your health peaking. Without both, your good intentions are more likely to fizzle out.

How does healthy eating help you get fit?

To get the full benefit of physical fitness you need to give your body good nutrition. Healthy eating habits also contribute:

  • mindfulness – choosing to eat healthily and learning about healthy food choices makes you more mindful of your overall health and wellbeing. As your awareness expands, you become more interested in developing your physical fitness.
  • energy – healthy food gives your body the nutrients and carbohydrates it needs to convert and store energy.
  • muscle – a high-energy, nutritious diet provides your body with the protein and nutrients it needs to lay down and repair muscle.
  • health – eating a healthy diet high in vitamins and minerals enables you to remain healthy enough to train.
  • community – once you get started on a health kick, you attract the kind of people that will support, encourage and inspire you on to greater health.

During exercise you sweat and use up your glycogen stores. A healthy diet supplies your body with a glycogen stash that will last for 90 minutes of training. Topping up with fluids and carbohydrates along the way enables you to exercise longer. Carbohydrates should comprise about 55% of the energy in your diet. Foods high in carbohydrates include wholegrains, cereals, pasta, fruit, juices, potatoes, corn, legumes and low fat dairy products.

Health and physical fitness websites

If you’re looking for excellent websites that will provide you with great support as you work towards improving your health related fitness, check out these recommended resources:

Free Workout Plans

Building Muscle

Realm Training - is a no-hype, straightforward fitness guide to a healthy lifestyle through clarification of proper nutrition, exercise, and stress management strategies.

And if you're targeting healthy weight loss, can give you insider secrets to heal your body holistically through fitness; mind, body and soul.

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