Food Digestion Tips

How to improve digestion

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Good food digestion is important so that our bodies can fully absorb nutrients and process vitamins and minerals as efficiently as possible. Give more attention to the way you eat your food in order to aid your digestive system and improve assimilation of nutrients from food.

It’s surprising how many people in the developed world have digestion problems, ranging from bloating and gas to heartburn. Symptoms of poor digestion include heartburn, dyspepsia, burping, flatulence, nausea, constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal bloating and discomfort. It’s partly to do with the poor quality of the food we eat, which is often heavily processed or overcooked. An unbalanced diet lacking in fibre also contributes to digestion problems.

However, some of our digestion problems relate to the way we eat. With busy lives, it is easy to slip into bad eating habits that can cause our bodies increasingly serious digestion problems. Here are some tips on how to improve digestion.

How to Improve Digestion
Find out how to improve digestion quickly and effectively through healthier eating habits. The efficiency of the human digestion process can be strongly influenced by the way you eat your food.

Food Combining for Health
Food combining for health simply involves eating foods that digest well together. Different foods require different lengths of time to digest, and involve different stomach enzymes in the process. You don’t have to avoid particular foods, just eat foods together that will digest harmoniously. ginger aids food digestion

Ginger Root Health Benefits - The benefits of ginger root to digestion
Ginger root health benefits have been widely utilised through India, Asia and Africa for thousands of years. Both Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicines make extensive use of the diverse health benefits of ginger, including as an aid to the digestive system.

food digestion banana papaya ginger lemonbalm

Indigestion Home Remedy - Papaya, Banana and Ginger Smoothie
This papaya, banana and ginger smoothie is a tempting indigestion home remedy. Slightly spicy without being hot, the sweetness of fresh fruits will soothe your digestive system whilst herbal ingredients restore normal food digestion.

Ginger Tea Benefits Digestion - Ginger Tea Recipe
Ginger tea benefits the digestive system by increasing activity of lipase and other digestive enzymes. Learn how to make ginger tea using this simple ginger tea recipe.

What is Digestion?
Digestion is the process of breaking down food into nutrients and energy for use by the body. Learn more about the human digestion system.


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