Raw Food Weight Loss

One of the best healthy food diets

Are you looking for raw food weight loss? Dieting on a raw food diet should be health goal focused rather than weight loss focused. Still, there aren’t many diets where you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight.

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Common methods of dieting to lose weight can really mess with your head. You’re spending so much time thinking about what you can’t eat that you become obsessed with wanting to eat it, winding yourself up like a tight spring until you explode into a binge. The positive idea behind eating raw for weight loss is that initially you don’t have to remove anything from your current diet. You can start by simply adding more raw foods into your diet. As you develop a habit and taste for raw foods they will naturally edge out your unhealthier choices.

A great way to start is to drink a green smoothie at the beginning of each day. Blend up 2 good handfuls of greens (e.g. spinach, kale, silverbeet, bok choy) with 2-3 bananas, a cup or so of whatever fruits you like that are in season, 1-2 cups water and some superfoods if you feel like it. This should make at least a litre. Drink at least half a litre for breakfast and bottle up the rest to drink throughout the day. Want to go raw?

My experience of raw food weight loss was accidental – I was actually aiming for an increase in my energy level. However, losing the last stone that lingered on even after my son had been nearly weaned was a welcome side effect. I also liked the fact that I lost the weight pretty evenly, rather than from the top down like all the weight loss diets I tried when I was younger. There were none of the mood swings or energy shortages typical of conventional diets either, as I was eating plenty of healthy food. No deprivation involved!

Your Raw Food Weight Loss Stories
These raw food weight loss stories are amazing. It's impressive how effective eating healthy and losing weight on a raw food diet really is. Check out these raw food weight loss tips and share some of your own.

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