Raw Food Health Goals

Stepping Up Your Raw Food Levels

You can build up your raw food health goals step by step as you work towards a healthier version of yourself. Here are some ways to gradually lift your raw food levels without stressing out about counting calories.

First, the Calorie Counting Version

The amount of raw food you eat is commonly measured as a percentage of the calories consumed. For example, if all of your calories are from raw food you’re 100%. High raw is generally considered to cover those who eat 80%-99% of their calories raw. The other 20% usually come from cooked vegetarian or vegan meals, but this is a tendency rather than a rule.

Many raw foodists eat so close to full raw, 95% or above, that they may as well be considered fully raw. The 4%-5% of their non-raw calories come from non-raw condiments or ingredients that that are difficult to source completely raw or more expensive to purchase in a pure raw state e.g. some oils and nuts.

Why Aim for a Higher Raw Food Intake?

Even eating 50% raw is a major improvement on the average American diet. In the United States, statistics show that on average adults eat only 3 servings (each serving is ½ cup) of fruit and vegetables each day. Raw foodists on the other hand eat an average of 18 servings daily.

Recommendations state that we should actually eat a minimum of 5-13 servings of fruit and vegetables daily, depending on our caloric requirements. For example, someone requiring 2000 calories daily should eat at least 9 servings of fruit and vegetables. That’s 4 ½ cups of vegetables and fruit every day.

Upping your raw intake so that at least half your calories come from raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and sea vegetables is an excellent achievement. Doing this will enable you to meet the healthy eating recommendations (for fruit and vegetables) set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and attain significant health benefits.

Setting Your Goals Higher

Many people who already consider themselves to be healthy eaters consciously consume higher amounts of fruit and vegetables, even if they don’t specifically target raw foods. For example, it’s a common healthy eating goal to aim for ¾ main meals to comprise vegetables or fruit.

In the same way, it’s possible to set yourself a goal for eating raw that offers a balanced mental approach without having to constantly count calories and calculate the percentage of raw foods you’re eating. Take a look at some of the raw food health goals listed below and see if any appeal to you on a practical level.

Raw Food Health Goals

  • Drink a green smoothie every day.

  • Eat a raw vegetable salad every day.

  • Snack only on raw foods, especially fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • Eat a raw breakfast five days out of seven.

  • Eat raw foods until midday/5p.m./dinnertime.

  • Make sure that half/three quarters of each meal is made up of raw foods.

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