Homemade Body Cleanse Secrets

Best and Cheapest Body Cleanse and Detox Recipes

These homemade body cleanse secrets will help you make your own cheap and effective detox products. Save money using natural body cleanse recipes that work just as well as, if not better than, store-bought pills and potions.

As the importance of a good body cleanse and detox is becoming more and more recognised, it is no wonder that companies are doing their best to capitalise on the trend. Everywhere you look, there are services, specialists, books, capsules, teas, counselors, tinctures and systems being offered … a simple natural body cleanse can easily turn into a daunting and expensive affair!

It does not have to, though. Using a homemade body cleanse you can manage your own safe and thorough detox. You can probably find most of the ingredients in your cupboards already, otherwise they are easily sourced from your local health food store.

Intestinal Homemade Body Cleanse

One of the easiest places to begin a homemade body cleanse is on your overworked and overwhelmed intestines. Most of us have literally pounds of putrefied, undigested matter that is coating our intestinal walls and backed up in little nooks and crannies inside of our systems. This provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, worms and fungus.

The cheapest and most effective intestinal body cleanse and detox can be handled with some salt, pumpkin seeds, and a couple of simple herbs.

To begin, you will want to do a few consecutive days of a morning sea salt flush. Upon rising first thing in the morning, before eating, drink 2 quarts of lukewarm distilled water mixed with 2 tablespoons of high quality sea salt. Try to drink the entire mixture in less than 15 minutes.

This mixture has the exact same specific gravity as your blood, so it will not enter your bloodstream or your kidneys, it instead will flush straight through your intestinal system. This is like a powerful enema, but from the top down. You should plan on having to make quite a few trips to the bathroom in the hour or so after you take this concoction.

After a few days of this morning ritual, your intestines will be a lot cleaner. With some of the sludge out of the way, you can then target stubborn parasites which tend to cling. In a blender, make a “smoothie” out of raw pumpkin seeds and water or juice, and drink as much of this mixture down as you can. It may not be tasty, but it is very effective at not only killing parasites, but at flushing the dead parasites out of your system.

To follow up and kill both bacteria and parasites, take a tincture a few times a day for a week of 40 drops of both goldenseal and of black walnut oil. Your intestines should now be cleaner than they have been in a long time!

Liver/Gall Bladder Homemade Body Cleanse

Our liver gets to do a lot of the dirty work, filtering out toxins that we continuously ingest. Sediment starts to build up over time, and you could easily end up with a tired liver or troubling gall stones.

To break down gall stones and completely flush out your liver, you can undergo a very effective 3 day liver/ gall bladder cleanse with some apples, apple juice, lemon juice, and olive oil!

For 3 days, no other foods or liquids should be consumed outside of apples, apple juice, apple cider, or apple cider vinegar, preferably organic. The apples in these quantities have the ability to break down even the toughest hardened sediment.

On the night of the third day, right before bed, drink a mixture of ½ cup lemon juice and ½ cup of warm organic extra virgin olive oil. Remember, you are not drinking this for its amazing flavour, you are drinking this for your health! Do whatever it takes to get the mixture down, then in 30 minutes or so go to bed for the night lying on your right side.

In the morning you can drink some prune juice if needed to get your intestines going, but you should experience a definite flush. Depending on how many apples you consumed, the sediment may be too small to see, or you may indeed be able to make out small stones in your stool. Natural Detox Workbook

Kidney Homemade Body Cleanse

To do an effective kidney cleanse, you just need a pile of fresh ginger and some goldenrod horsetail tincture. Goldenrod horsetail is a strong diuretic and can flush out the kidneys. Take a tincture, as opposed to the tea, 40 drops a few times a day for a week.

Also, each day for a week, make and apply a strong ginger compress directly to your kidney area on your lower back.

To make the compress, boil a large ginger root, cut up into small pieces, for at least 15 minutes to make an extraction. Have someone dunk a large washcloth into this tea, having the water be as absolutely hot as you can stand it on your skin, and have them press this onto your kidney area. Hold the towel there until it cools down. Repeat as many times as possible, reheating the water as necessary.

The ginger gets a lot of blood circulating specifically in the kidney area and can jump start the kidneys to begin to flush themselves out.

Skin Homemade Body Cleanse

During any body cleanse and detox, make sure to remember the importance of cleaning out your pores. Much waste is let out through your skin, so your pores can get clogged up very easily.

Begin by dry brushing your skin to slough off dead skin cells and to get circulation going strongly. Make sure to use a soft bristle brush and use a stimulating circular motion.

Then, to your entire body apply a paste made from dry clay. You can probably buy this in bulk at any health food or natural cosmetics store for less than a few dollars. Let it dry, then hop in a hot shower with a lot of steam to rinse yourself off. It is like a clay mask, but for your entire body. Follow up by treating your skin to a massage with a high quality, non-clogging oil such as apricot kernel oil.

Mind Cleanse

This may be one of the most overlooked ingredients of any total body cleanse recipe! The best whole body cleanse will always give attention to purifying your mind as well as your body.

During any natural body cleanse, make sure to devote time to clearing out your mind of negativity, or old thought patterns you may be stubbornly hanging onto that do not serve you anymore.

Make a point to sit in silence for at least fifteen minutes of the day, just focusing on breathing deeply. Take a bath listening to soothing music or meditation chants. Go for a walk through the woods, and just listen to the sounds of nature. Write a letter or make a phone call asking for forgiveness to someone you may have hurt or neglected in the past. Negative thoughts impede the natural, healthy flow of energy in our body just as much, if not more than physical toxins do!

Although all of these homemade body cleanse ideas are effective and inexpensive, please check with your medical practitioner before commencing any detox regime, particularly if you have underlying medical conditions.

Once that’s done you can begin a thorough body cleanse and detox regime right away, without having to hand over your wallet for expensive potions and pills. You will feel so much clearer and cleaner, with more energy and vitality than ever.

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