Foods to Detoxify the Body

A List of the Best Detox Diet Foods and Herbs

Natural Detox Workbook You can easily find foods to detoxify the body in your fridge or herb garden. You’ll be surprised to learn that some of the best detox diet foods are very common. Maybe you’ll discover your regular favourites, such as grapes and berries, are already helping detoxify your body naturally.

There are also more than twenty detoxification herbs available that make an ideal addition to any detoxification regime. Take a look at the options and supplement your detoxification plan with a herbal body cleanse.

Generally speaking, a healthy detoxification diet should include a large proportion of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as including many of these specific foods to detoxify the body. Avoid eating fatty, sugary or highly processed foods. Also avoid dairy products, alcohol and caffeine.

Drink plenty of water. A great detoxification habit is to drink a glass of warm water and lemon juice first thing each morning.

Foods to Detoxify the Body

Beetroot: excellent blood cleanser, rich in nutrients, use leaves and roots

Berries: high in antioxidants, cleanse and purify system, moderate sugar content that helps smooth blood-sugar imbalances

Broccoli: natural superfood, high in antioxidants

Figs: highly alkaline fruit

Grapes: strong cleansing properties, high in antioxidants (but not vitamins)

Green leafy vegetables: high in chlorophyll, highly alkaline, draw out heavy metals and chemicals from your system

Lemon juice and warm water: helps clear colon

Olives: highly alkaline fruit

Oranges: highly alkaline fruit

Papaya: highly alkaline fruit

Spirulina: highly alkaline superfood, high in nutrients, excellent detoxifier Watercress: cleanses blood, aid digestion, high in vitamins A and C

Wheatgrass: potent detoxifier, high chlorophyll content

Herbal Body Cleanse

If you have any of these herbs in your garden you can make your own herbal teas and tinctures at home. Please check this reference on the safe use of herbs, especially if you're pregnant, have thyroid problems or are planning to provide herbal remedies to children.

Borage:purifies system, mix with basil to assist kidneys and bladder, tea made from leaves

Caraway: cleanses system, increases activity of liver and glands, benefits liver and digestion, tea made from crushed seeds

Chervil: purifies blood, helps kidneys

Chicory: helps rid body of excess fluids, good for liver and gall bladder, has laxative properties, roasted and ground roots can be used as a coffee substitute

Cleavers: eases kidney complaints (don’t use if you’re diabetic)

Comfrey: cleanses bloodstream

Cress: purifies blood, tea made from leaves

Dandelion: cleanses and rejuvenates liver, detoxifies blood, good liver tonic, stimulates urinary organs, treats urinary disorders, removes waste from body, good for alcohol detox, dried ground roots are a good coffee substitute

Elderflower: purifies blood

Heartsease: purifies blood

Lovage: expels toxins from body, cleanses and stimulates digestive system, tea made from leaves, seeds or roots (don’t use if you’re pregnant or have liver problems)

Marjoram: eases indigestion and stomach pains, tea made from leaves

Marigold: benefits gall bladder and liver, soothes inflammation of digestive tract, tea made from petals

Milk thistle: cleanses and rejuvenates liver, aids digestion, keeps liver functioning at peak, good for alcohol detox, one of the top liver detoxification herbs, removes waste from body, grind seeds to release salycin content

Oregano: eases indigestion and stomach pains, tea made from leaves

Parsley: assists bladder, kidneys and liver, high in nutrients, tea made from leaves (don’t use if you’re pregnant)

Peppermint: cleanses intestines, eases indigestion and stomach pains, tea made from leaves

Red Clover: helps detoxify lymph system, rich in proteins and minerals, tea made from flower heads

Rosemary: aids digestion, helps kidneys

Sage: high in anti-oxidants, good liver tonic, mix with lemon balm to aid digestion and ease stomach problems, tea made from leaves

Savoury: intestinal antiseptic, tea made from

Slippery Elm Bark: heals mucous membranes of stomach and intestines, gelatinous mixture made from powdered inner bark of slippery elm tree

Thyme: intestinal antiseptic, tea made from leaves

Foods to Detoxify the Body - A List of the Best Detox Diet Foods and Herbs

Foods to Detoxify the Body - A List of the Best Detox Diet Foods and Herbs

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