All Natural Detox Tips

How to Detoxify the Body Naturally

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Get started on your all natural detox with these top 10 tips on how to detoxify the body naturally.

1. Do eat lots of fresh organic fruit and boost the amount of vegetables in your diet. Even if you don’t usually buy organic produce, invest in it for the period of detoxification. You want your body to flush out toxins, not be adding in additional chemical residues for your body to battle with.

2. Do drink 2 – 2 ½ litres of clean water daily. Water helps your body eliminate waste and clear out fatty deposits. Your kidneys can’t work properly unless your body is properly hydrated, which adds to your liver’s workload. Start each day with a mug of warm water and lemon juice. This helps your body flush out the small intestine. Remember that your body is about two thirds water. As excess water isn’t stored you need to top yourself up daily. Fill a large drink bottle or container and keep it handy while you work so that you are constantly rehydrating your body throughout the day. Natural Detox Workbook

3. Do eat meals based around natural detox superfoods such as leafy greens. Increase the percentage of these highly alkaline foods for the detox period. Increasing the alkalinity of your body raises your blood’s solubility so that foreign chemicals and heavy metals can be cleared out of your system. Eat fruit and vegetables instead of creamy and sugary snacks, and up your intake of green smoothies, vegetable salads and vegetable soups. 4. Do boost your diet with an all natural detox superfood like spirulina once a day so that your body is able to regenerate and rejuvenate more quickly. Spirulina and chlorella are natural superfoods that are particularly good at binding with toxic or radioactive substances and removing them from your body. They heal as they detoxify due to the abundance of beneficial vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats they contain. Barleygrass and wheatgrass are also useful superfoods for increasing your body’s alkalinity and providing extra nutrients.

5. Do get enough rest. Your body works hard once you give it the chance to clean out accumulated toxic debris, so allow yourself plenty of sleep in order to recharge your energy. Cravings for unhealthy food often appear at the end of the day when you’re particularly tired, so getting to sleep earlier will have a double benefit. You’ll be able to avoid the time of day when you are most tempted to break your detox routines and you’ll also feel well rested the next morning.

6. Don’t drink coffee, try herbal teas instead. Health food stores carry an interesting range that will inspire you to prepare yourself a steaming hot cup of an exotic detoxifier. You’ll actually feel pampered rather than caffeine-deprived. There are all natural detox and flush blends available, or make your own detoxifying teas with herbs from your garden. Strong herbal detoxifiers include dandelion and milkthistle. Juniperberry teas and cranberry juices are useful for getting your body’s water balance evened out. glass of water amongst olive leaves

7. Don’t drink alcohol – substitute sparkling waters and fresh fruit juices. Drinking alcohol swings your body through a false high/depression cycle and can cause fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. Breaking out of the pattern is easier when you can replace your cherished daily habit of a glass or two of wine or beer with a drink that will ultimately make you feel just as good, if not better. Blend up a green smoothie, try a cocktail of watermelon, mint and cranberry juice or go for a deep cleanse with fresh beetroot juice.

8. Don’t eat meat for the detox period as it slows your digestion and protein dominant animal foods are acid-forming. Eating a vegetarian diet has distinct health benefits so it’s worth considering giving your body a break, at least for a while. Environmental pollutants such as pesticides and the chemical sprays used on fodder accumulate in the fat cells of farmed animals. Unless you’re eating organically farmed meat you are likely to be loading yourself up with toxins just as fast as your body is flushing them.

9. Don’t forget to breathe and exercise. Sweat out those toxins and work your muscles to break down the residues trapped in fats. Being conscious of breathing contaminants out gives you a psychological boost too.

10. Don't be surprised when your natural body detoxification leads you to consider detoxifying other areas of your environment. Cleansing your body will give you a surge of clarity that enables you to evaluate what you do and don't need in your life. Detoxification and healing go hand in hand, and having fresh eyes may inspire you to make changes in a proactive and positive way.

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