Drinking Water and Weight Loss

Does Drinking Water for Weight Loss Work?

woman drinking a glass of water

The key to understanding the link between drinking water and weight loss is to remember that our bodies are about two thirds water. Our bodies don’t store excess water, so this needs to be topped up daily. So if you’re dieting, make sure you’re dieting and drinking water. Fluids in the beverages we drink count towards our daily water intake, as well as the water content in our food.

Weight loss and water intake

The best rehydration drink is water, with tap water being the most environmentally friendly option. At zero calories, water is also the best health drink you can get. Try to drink about 2 litres each day, more if you are active and sweat a lot.

When you feel thirsty, you’re already slightly dehydrated. If your urine is a dark yellow colour, then you need to drink more water. Headaches, tiredness and loss of concentration are also signs of dehydration.

Keep water handy all day and hydrate yourself with small, frequent sips rather than forcing yourself to gulp big glasses down quickly.

When you wake up, drink of glass of water at body temperature to clean out the toxins accumulated in your body overnight, especially from the small intestine.

We also get water from our food - on average about 20% of our daily water intake. Some foods are very high in water content, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. For example, lettuce is 95% water, tomatoes are 91% water and carrots are 89% water. When you eat less, and get less water from your food, then you need to drink more.

Drinking water for weight loss

Water suppresses your appetite, aids your digestion and decreases fluid retention. It also assists in the absorption of nutrients and elimination of wastes. Without adequate water, your body will struggle to regulate temperature and circulation. Water is essential for maintaining healthy skin and enabling the biochemical processes in your body.

Increasing your water intake can help your body clear out fatty deposits. Keeping your body well hydrated enables your kidneys to function properly. When the kidneys aren’t able to function effectively, the liver operates as backup. Your liver is the organ that is supposed to be metabolising fat. If its workload is added to by the kidneys, then your body can’t metabolise fat as easily.

Drinking tea, coffee and juice

It’s common misconception that beverages such as tea, coffee and juice don’t count towards fluid intake. They do, and often have their own health benefits.

Some teas are impressively high in antioxidants, for example sencha, which has 70 times more antioxidants than orange juice. Drink tea plain or with a squeeze of lemon juice. Adding milky protein neutralises the effects of the bountiful antioxidants contained in tea. Drinking tea is a warming alternative to water as it contains polyphenols that combat heart disease, cholesterol and strokes, aid your digestion, limit the absorption of fats and help prevent cancer.

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