Raised Bed Garden Kit Reviews

Before you buy online check out these raised bed garden kit reviews. A raised garden bed kit can they give reluctant or time-pressed gardeners an excellent headstart.

Benefits of garden bed kits

The benefits of using raised garden bed kits are:

  • you get your garden going faster and easier.
  • construction is simplified and all the materials are provided.
  • they look good and kits sometimes have special design features built in, such as mobility and self-watering.
  • they’re easy to manage and the height makes your garden easier to tend.
  • you can get high yields from small spaces and gardening materials are concentrated in a smaller area.
  • they’re free draining, control weeds and solve the problem of poor soil.
  • they warm earlier in the season so you can get crops growing sooner.

Organic Garden Bed with Seed Kit

I like the Gardens Alive! Organic garden bed with seed kit because it gives you almost everything you need for creating an organic vegetable garden from seed. I also think it might be sensible that you have to purchase the edging timber and topsoil for the garden bed yourself instead of having it posted. This way you’ll buy it locally and save the transport cost and pollution. It can be purchased with seed ($79.95) or without seed ($64.95).

The kit provides for an organic raised garden bed of approximately 4x4 feet. You get stacking joints for joining your timbers, a weed mat, compost, fertiliser, growth enhancer and a vine support. You also get a collection of organic seeds to get you started; beans, beets, lettuce, peppers, radishes, carrots, spinach, squash, tomatoes and cucumbers.

All reviews for this kit were favourable.

Fieldstone Raised Bed Garden Kit Review

Fieldstone raised bed kits are very popular with reviewers, mainly because they look so good (like real stone) and they’re easy to put together. There were several comments about liking fieldstone beds so much they had bought several, and that neighbours were so impressed they bought fieldstone beds too.

They’re available as round, square and rectangular kits. The round kit has a 4 foot diameter, is 10 inches high and holds 6 cubic feet of soil ($199). The square bed is 4x4 feet and 10 inches high ($189). The rectangular kit is 4x8 feet, 10 inches high and holds 17 cubic feet of soil ($275).

Fieldstone kits are made from durable polyethylene that looks like stone and doesn’t crack. They’re a solid design and reviewers comment that it is very easy and quick to set them up. One reviewer mentioned having to level the ground before constructing his fieldstone bed.

Many people use the circular fieldstone kits to create raised garden beds around trees, lampposts or garden statues. Extra components can be purchased to customise the shape and height of fieldstone beds.

Self-watering Raised Bed Garden Kit Review

The self-watering raised bed kit is an attractive design popular with reviewers. It’s made from durable polypropylene (dimensions 39-1/4" x 39-1/4" x 18-1/2" H ) and holds 9 cubic feet of soil.

The kits are sturdy, well-made, neat, weather-resistant and have good holding capacity. Some reviewers reported difficulty assembling this kit, but most people found it straightforward to assemble when the directions were followed carefully. Most reviewers report good drainage from this bed, which is almost like a large, portable, bed-shaped planter. The kit is quite high anyway, but is easy to fence off further if you have trouble with animals.

The kit is self-watering so in drought conditions (or if you’re a forgetful gardener) your veggies stay watered . The kit contains 2 x 4-gallon reservoirs with gauges to indicate when they should be re-filled. Several reviewers reported some leaking from the reservoirs, and one reviewer mentioned having to water young plants from the top as they’re roots weren’t deep enough to soak up enough water. However, this wasn’t a problem for any of the other reviewers.

One often-mentioned reviewer tip was to ensure you buy extra casters for moving your kit around. They cost extra but you should buy two sets for a total of 8 casters.

As this kit acts like a giant planter, you may be better off buying smaller self watering containers that are more easily moved around and allow more flexible arrangements. If you’re after a large, portable garden bed for your balcony or deck, this kit is ideal.

More information on building raised garden beds.

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