Mushroom Compost

A layer of mushroom compost on top of a garden bed improves soil structure and provides food and shelter for earthworms and micro-organisms. Mushroom compost retains moisture, suppresses weeds and is a source of nutrients for thriving plants.

Mushroom compost is usually made from chicken manure or straw and has been used to grow mushrooms, usually only once. It has a pH of about 6.6 which suitable for wide range of plants.

You can buy mushroom compost in bags or get it delivered to your home in larger quantities. A cubic metre will cover a large garden bed.

When you buy mushroom compost in large quantities (I’m talking trailer-loads) it’s likely to still be fresh and a bit smelly. As it heats up and breaks down further pathogens and weed seeds are destroyed. Eventually earthworms move in and enrich your garden bed.

Check the source of your mushroom compost has organic credentials – use only certified organic materials and check that the mushroom compost you’re buying has no artificial fertilisers or wetting agents. Watch out, the word ‘organic’ doesn’t necessarily means it’s really organic!

Growing mushrooms in a mushroom growing kit ? Once your mushroom grow kit has stopped fruiting, you can re-use the contents as compost in the garden.

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