High Raw Food Diet Challenge - Day 4

by Trina
(Growing Raw Health)

All is well in my world.

Today was really so much easier knowing my caffeine addiction would be satisfied! It’s interesting that a whole set of healthy food choices become much more difficult when I deny that particular weakness. For now, I’ve decided it’s better to accept coffee as a small part of my otherwise high raw, healthy diet. If I remove the coffee crutch now I’m afraid all my other efforts will collapse around it. Better to establish my high raw habits and then disarm the coffee.

So today felt so much better overall. A fresh supply of fruit really helped, because it’s so enjoyable to snack on. I also worked harder on filling myself up, eating more than I had room for so that I wouldn’t feel hungry. When I was eating a completely raw food diet earlier this year I pigged out on absolute feasts of raw food, and was never hungry. I created gourmet raw meals each evening; raw buckwheat pizza, raw eggplant lasagne and raw zucchini pasta. Right now I don’t want to give up the time that all that raw food preparation consumes, so I’m eating simpler raw meals.

I take for granted the buzz I can get off a raw vegetable salad or the floaty high after a fruity smoothie. These were revelations when I was first experimenting with raw food. I’m also used to the slow-release energy I get from my green smoothie breakfasts. My theory is that the purer and longer-lasting my raw food diet is, the more sensitive I am to the buzzes and highs I can get from organic raw food. It’s like my body is cleansed to the point where I can manipulate my emotional and physical states more easily with different food combinations.

Day 4 High Raw Food Diet Menu

Breakfast: Green smoothie (bok choy, rockmelon and banana), 1½ apples, 2 white nectarines, coffee with soy milk.

Lunch: Huge vegetable salad with purple cabbage, carrot, red capsicum, zucchini and avocado, dressing of balsamic vinegar, lime juice and olive oil.

Dinner: Kashmiri vegetable curry, brown rice and yoghurt. Chamomile tea.

Day 4 Ratings

Attitude: 6/10

Energy: 6/10

Raw calories: 61% of approx. 1400 calories (still too low in calories, but raw % balances out with yesterday)

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