High Raw Food Diet Challenge - Day 3

by Trina
(Growing Raw Health)

I am committed to a healthy diet.

I’ve realised today that I’m taking on too much change in my diet at once. It’s already a tumultuous time family-wise, and I’m still recovering from a bad throat infection. My concession is going to be allowing myself 1-2 cups coffee each morning. It really helps! I do know having given up coffee for several months earlier in the year that the benefits of being caffeine-free are worthwhile; clearer skin, self-regulated moods and better hydration. However, it took me about a fortnight to get to the point where I really didn’t need it, and didn’t have much of a craving for it either. At the moment that’s too hard, I’m focusing on increasing the raw food percentage instead, but alcohol is still out. I believe that not far down the track the practice of eating raw will displace my craving for coffee anyway, and the addiction will eliminate itself because I’ll be feeling so good I simply won’t need it.

Having an inspirational garden makes it much easier to eat healthy raw fruit and vegetables. A significant portion of my meals is grown at home, and the fresh produce tastes so good! The flame lettuce in my lunch salad was delicious, almost creamy it was so fresh and tender. Flame lettuce is a beautiful red-tinged, heat-resistant heirloom variety you can order from the Diggers Club in Australia.

Without consciously trying to, I almost went 100% raw today. However, I have to say I am missing bread! Time to make some dehydrated flaxseed crackers...

Day 3 High Raw Food Diet Menu

Breakfast: Green smoothie (beetroot leaves and banana), 2 apples, ½ pear, 2 white nectarines, coffee with soy milk.

Morning tea: 1 banana, 1 apple.

Lunch: Salad with flame lettuce, red mustard leaves, summer spinach, tomato, avocado, dressing of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Leftover vege salad and ginger tea.

Afternoon snack: Grated beetroot soaked in the dressing left from the radish salsa. Yum!

Dinner: 1 orange, 1 kiwifruit, 1 pear, 12 brazil nuts, chamomile tea.

Day 3 Ratings

Attitude: 5/10

Energy: 5/10

Raw calories: 93% of approx. 1400 calories (way too low!)

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