High Raw Food Diet Challenge - Day 26

by Trina
(Growing Raw Health)

I feel whole and happy.

I’ve done a lot of clearing up over the last few days, finding more space and getting jobs ticked off my list. It feels good to have a bit of breathing room. I think the increased energy from my high raw diet is helping me to get more done.

My energy and outlook are holding pretty steady at 8 or 9 out of 10 each day. This is definitely an improvement from the beginning of the month when I was rating the days as 5s and 6s! Of course this is simple and subjective, but hey, I’m feeling better so I’m not complaining.

I’ve deliberately left superfoods out of my diet this month, so that I can see what changes in my health and energy levels are due to eating high raw. Now that I’ve cleared my system of any superfood effects I’m going to take on a Superfood Challenge next month.

The Superfood Challenge involves choosing a superfood and adding it to my diet in different ways each day. Most superfoods can be added to smoothies and salads, as well as various other recipes. At the moment I’m tossing up between bee pollen and spirulina. I have a recipe for spirulina popcorn that I’m keen to try, but bee pollen is cheaper and there are some pretty amazing claims about bee pollen as a superfood. I already know that spirulina works for me so I’m tempted to try the bee pollen for something different.

Once the Superfood Challenge starts, I’ll report back on progress and let you know if I feel any different... You’re welcome to choose a superfood and join in for the month of December. Let me know which superfood you want to nominate for yourself.

Day 26 High Raw Food Diet Menu

Breakfast: Green smoothie (silverbeet, pear and banana). 1 ½ apples. Coffee with soy milk.

Morning tea: 2 bananas.

Lunch: 5 spirulina crackers with avocado and tomato. Garden salad with flame lettuce, tomato, avocado and white Spanish onion. Dressing with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and wholegrain mustard.

Afternoon tea: 1 pear. Mango pip.

Dinner: Raw broccoli soup (broccoli, avocado, lime juice and garlic). Wholemeal pasta with marjoram and walnut pesto. Chamomile tea.

Day 26 Ratings

Attitude: 8/10

Energy: 8/10

Raw calories: 80% of approx. 2000 calories

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