High Raw Food Diet Challenge - Day 24

by Trina
(Growing Raw Health)

I am a highly creative person.

I had an energised swim today, with ideas powering through me. Must be the water because I have great ideas in the shower too.

I notice when I’m eating more raw food that I think more clearly and creatively. I end up going in lots of new directions. This Growing Raw Health website started during my last phase of eating raw, hopefully a Raw Summer will give it another boost!

Speaking of a Raw Summer, I’m loving all the fruits that are around with the warmer season. We’ve been adding apricots, peaches, cherries, pineapples, mangoes and watermelons to our menu. Any of these are lush mixed with ice for a fruity smoothie treat whenever you feel like spoiling yourself. Cherry and orange, pineapple and ginger, mango and lime are a couple of good combinations. I also use leftover fruity smoothie mixture to make icy poles for the kids. These are much healthier than the artificial flavours and sugar icy poles you get at the shops.

The cool weather is still hanging around. Usually I’m hungrier when it’s cold, but I really didn’t feel like eating much at all today.

Day 24 High Raw Food Diet Menu

Breakfast: 1 banana, 1 apple. Coffee with soy milk

Morning tea: Toasted multigrain sandwich with cheese and tomato.

Lunch: Leftover vegetable salad. Dressing with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and wholegrain mustard.

Afternoon tea: Fruity smoothie (apricot, peach and ice).

Dinner: 1 orange. 1 avocado with spicy sauce. Chamomile tea.

Day 24 Ratings

Attitude: 8/10

Energy: 9/10

Raw calories: 80% of approx. 1200 calories

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