High Raw Food Diet Challenge - Day 18

by Trina
(Growing Raw Health)

I’m living a healthy life.

Another sunny playground morning where everything felt sparkly and bright.

After my Melbourne break I’m feeling renewed enthusiasm for everything at home. For the next week or so I’m looking forward to throwing myself into the last of the Spring planting. We’ll be pushing it as the hot weather has kicked in already, but if we use our grey water efficiently we can get one last round of planting in. We’ve done a lot better at succession planting our vegetables this year, so hopefully we’ll have a steadier supply instead of a series of gluts like last year.

We have intentionally planned one glut; a tomato glut. Bruce has planted a dozen tomato plants this year, which should produce at least 20-30kg of tomatoes. Bruce has retrieved an old Fowlers preserving kit from his mother’s garage, and I’m hoping my mate Sharon from simplycanning.com will give me a few pointers. I’d love a row of deep red, juicy looking jars of tomatoes along my kitchen bench!

I’m being more adventurous in my attempts to propagate seeds this year. I’ve ordered more than a dozen types of heat-resistant, anti-bolting heirloom seed types from Diggers over the last six weeks. Can’t wait to sample the flavour of those unusual heirloom varieties. The beauty is that I can collect the seeds from the most successful plants and they will propagate true to type next season. I’m planning on building up my own mini-collection of heirlooms that are the best plants suited to our block and its extreme seasonal variations.

Day 18 High Raw Food Diet Menu

Breakfast: Green smoothie (beetroot leaves, grated beetroot, orange and banana). 1 apple. Coffee with soy milk

Morning tea: Leftover green smoothie.

Lunch: 5 spirulina crackers and raw beetroot dip (grated beetroot, tahini and lemon juice). 1 tbspn pine nuts. Rockmelon, watermelon and 2 mango pips (the kids got the flesh.)

Afternoon tea: 1 banana.

Dinner: Vegetable salad with grated turnip, grated beetroot, tomato, red capsicum, white Spanish onion, feta cheese and avocado. Dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, agave nectar, cayenne and salt. Chamomile tea.

Day 18 Ratings

Attitude: 9/10

Energy: 8/10

Raw calories: 84% of approx. 1800 calories

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