High Raw Food Diet Challenge - Day 15

by Trina
(Growing Raw Health)

”Great thoughts produce greatness.” David Wolfe, The Sunfood Diet Success System

I did so well today to eat nearly high raw....it was a hot, slow pool party day, with everybody else enjoying some cold beers and wine and bbq’ed meat. (I didn’t miss the meat!) I stuck to smoothies, salad and tonic water. This Melbourne trip I almost feel like I’ve “come out” high raw to my family, and asked them to accommodate me instead of ditching my usual diet whilst I’m away from home. It’s been great, and actually I’ve been impressed how interested they’ve been in experimenting with similar habits. For example, pretty much my entire family is now hooked on daily green smoothies.

My kids must have been taking a fair bit of it in, as you’d expect, because they choose watermelon over cake and prefer bananas to sausages.

I mentioned on day 8 that I’d been reading a chapter from David Wolfe’s “The Sunfood Diet Success System”, and feeling very inspired about my high raw diet. The chapter is called “Thoughts are Things”, and as I read it I noted down a whole heap of useful affirmations based on the text. Some of them were Wolfe’s word for word, but most were paraphrased from his sentences. Wolfe writes eloquently and joyfully, so his phrases are easy to adapt to simple affirmations.

I’ve found this an excellent way to find affirmations to suit my current health goals. Most of the internet searches I did for affirmations turned up irrelevant results that didn’t really suit my personal health challenge. It was better to start with a text that inspires me, read through it and paraphrase the most striking ideas as positive commands to myself. For example, “The greatest seed of all – your limitless potential – is with you at all times” became “I have limitless potential.” If you’re using any powerful and inspiring health affirmations, please share, I’m always looking for good ones.

“Your major health goal should be to keep your mind consciously focused on health and to substitute all unhealthy thoughts with healthy ones.” David Wolfe, The Sunfood Diet Success System.

Day 15 High Raw Food Diet Menu

Breakfast: Green smoothie (silverbeet, strawberries, watermelon and banana). 2 apples. Coffee with soy milk

Morning tea: Green smoothie (silverbeet, fresh orange juice and banana).

Lunch: Vegetable salad with baby spinach, cos lettuce, garlic chives, zucchini, Mum’s garden lettuce, avocado, red capsicum, feta cheese, tomato and balsamic/olive oil/wholegrain mustard dressing.

Afternoon tea: Watermelon. Nuts, 8 crackers with red capsicum and cashew dip and cheese.

Dinner: ½ cup potato bake. Chamomile tea.

Day 15 Ratings

Attitude: 8/10

Energy: 8/10

Raw calories: 75% of approx. 2000 calories

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Oct 21, 2015
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Aug 27, 2015
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Aug 21, 2015
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by: kim

For those who like to eat fruits and vegetables on every meal, following this diet will be piece of cake. Smoothies and salads are the perfect choice for hot summer days. However, you could also stop by the beverage carts from time to time, most certainly they have something on the menu that will delight your taste buds.

Jul 25, 2015
High Raw Food Diet Challenge - Day 15 NEW
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Jul 07, 2015
two month NEW
by: melina

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