High Raw Food Diet Challenge - Day 12

by Trina
(Growing Raw Health)

I am living a healthy life.

Healthy eating is easier when you’ve already made a decision and commitment. Then the healthy food choices you make during the day are simply following through with that decision.

Today was a strange day amongst my extended family. My Nana’s house is a whirlwind of action and intrigue. It’s the family meeting point and people are constantly flowing through, updating the gossip, spreading the jobs around and playing with each other.

Everyone there was interested and supportive of my high raw challenge. To my surprise several of my relatives have taken up health challenges. Their goals range from cutting out chocolate for 30 days, reducing caffeine intake, walking 30 minutes daily and eating something green every day. This was all decided around the family dinner table one night last week when they all challenged each other to come up with a 30 day goal. Each person is doing what’s manageable for them at this time and making a positive step towards better health.

When dinnertime came I was eating mostly salad whilst everyone else tucked into Cathy’s gourmet lamb casserole. I noticed that being able to eat some cooked food made it more comfortable for me socially and less tempting to have a complete lapse from my high raw goal. I could indulge in potato and cauliflower bake and not worry about it.

Of course it’s easier to stick to something that has looser ‘rules’, but aiming to eat 80% rather than 100% raw is suiting me very well and I believe it will be more sustainable in the long term.

Green smoothies fill the gaps really well on days like today. Whenever I was feeling hungry and there was tempting snack food around, I’d grab another glass of green smoothie and forget about it. Portable, filling and energising...

Day 12 High Raw Food Diet Menu

Breakfast: Green smoothie (silverbeet, strawberries and banana). 2 apples. Coffee with soy milk.

Lunch: Vegetable salad with baby spinach, red capsicum, feta cheese, carrot, tomato and avocado. Dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and wholegrain mustard.

Afternoon tea: Green smoothie leftovers. 4 rice crackers and cream cheese dip (my favourite – my aunt makes it especially for me.)

Dinner: Garden salad with lettuce, tomato, snowpeas, carrot and red capsicum. ½ cup potato bake, ½ cup cauliflower bake (vegetables, cream and cheese.) ½ cup couscous and vegetable salad. Strawberries and more green smoothie.

Day 12 Ratings

Attitude: 8/10

Energy: 8/10

Raw calories: 57% of approx. 1900 calories (I easily made 80% of my food volume from raw food, but those vegetable bakes are loaded with calories!)

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Jul 08, 2015
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by: Loma

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