Growing Raw Guest Post Guidelines

In 2012 I’d like to try publishing more guest posts on Growing Raw. Recently I surveyed Growing Raw’s readership to find out what my visitors want and need right now, and the wish list is so long I could use some help!

You can use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your guest post ideas, but please read the guidelines first. That saves us both time. Thanks.

What’s in it for you?

Your article is the only one that appears on the page. It is dedicated to your content rather than shared with other articles.

As Growing Raw is an evergreen site, rather than a blog, your article remains current. Most articles will be published at tier 3 level, and you can include 2 links to your own website or blog. These can be within the content if you wish, you are not restricted to the author bio. You can include up to 4 links if you link back to the article (or another Growing Raw page) from your own site.

Growing Raw is steadily rising in page rank and popularity, jumping from a PR2 to PR4 in 2011. The tier 2 and 3 pages are being pulled up in value along with the site, so the links to your blog or site should increase in value over time.


  1. Before you go any further, check with me that I like your site! I will only link to high quality sites that add value to Growing Raw’s readers. (If you are simply providing a guest post from the goodness of your heart, to enlighten, educate and entertain Growing Raw’s readers, without any expectation of backlinks, then you can ignore this requirement. And you are welcome here!)

  2. Your guest post must be original. I will check. It must remain original, or it will be removed immediately from Growing Raw.

  3. You can include TWO dofollow links back to your site or blog. These links do not have to be restricted to your author bio. You can include FOUR dofollow links IF you link back to the published article or another Growing Raw page from your own site or blog. Please code your links into your guest post using html, and if applicable indicate the page on your site you’ll link back from.

  4. Please only send in well-written articles (in English) of 600 words or more.

  5. Please provide at least one original or legally purchased photo to be published with your guest post.

  6. Try to provide content that is relevant but isn’t already available on the site. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to check whether a topic is of interest. Topics I know Growing Raw readers are into at the moment include:
    • food presentation (general tips on making healthy food look really appetising
    • specific presentation instructions (recipes and photos describing how to construct tasty and tantalising salads or other raw dishes)
    • how to rethink unhealthy attitudes towards food (personal stories are welcome)
    • how to avoid temptation (specifically bread and sugar cravings)
    • personal raw food journeys.

  7. I may edit your article, but will check back with you before publishing.

I reserve the right to refuse any guest post articles for publishing on Growing Raw.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


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