Bee Pollen Benefits

The Benefits And Side Effects Of Bee Pollen Granules

collecting bee pollen from sunflower

Treasure this superfood! There are scores of bee pollen benefits and it takes a lot of work to collect each precious bee pollen granule.

Bee pollen is the main food of young bees and takes worker bees ages to collect – nearly 250 hours per teaspoon!

There's no easy way around all this effort either. Some magical element in natural bee pollen simply can't be replicated by science. Bee pollen that has been synthesised in a laboratory just doesn’t seem to cut it the same way as the authentic article.

Pollen looks like golden dust and is the male part of the flower. It's collected by bees as they move from flower to flower, cross pollinating as they go. They collect pollen to take back to the hive for food, especially for the young bees who need extra protein to grow. Pollen is flavoured by the flowers it’s collected from and varies in taste and colour.

Bee pollen contains all 22 amino acids and is high in linoleic acid. There are multiple claims about the benefits of bee pollen. It’s a complete superfood, and bee pollen is used to treat an extensive list of ailments and conditions. Athletes take bee pollen to increase their strength and endurance, and it’s also supposed to have beauty benefits. One of the more interesting claims is that it has tumour reducing powers.

Researchers investigating the amazing longevity of old Russian beekeepers realised that the honey they kept for themselves after selling and exchanging the “best” honey was the scrapings from the bottom of the hive. These scrapings were dotted with bee pollen granules. The researchers remarked that these beekeepers also retained their mental acuity and memory into their old age. Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it.

There are numerous ways to include bee pollen in your diet. Eat it plain and crunchy, sprinkle it on cereal, soups and salads or add it to smoothies and icecream. You may prefer to purchase your bee pollen still mixed in with the honey, just like the old Russian beekeepers!

Bee Pollen Dosage

Although some people use increasing doses of bee pollen as the season approaches to reduce their sensitivity to allergies, be extremely cautious about bee pollen side effects. In some people it can produce severe anaphylactic reactions, so be careful. Start with just one granule to test your reaction then and gradually increase the dose to ½ teaspoon a day.

Bee Pollen Tips

  • Bee pollen granules should be organic without anything added, no fillers, additives or preservatives.
  • Make sure your bee pollen is collected from pesticide-free plants.
  • Bee pollen contains more than 5000 enzymes and co-enzymes and should be freeze-dried to conserve live enzyme value.
  • Store in a cool dark place and use quickly once opened.
  • Don’t take a single bee pollen granule for granted!

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