by Sangeeta
(Mumbai, India)

Wheat grass is one of the best superfoods and helps one to build a strong immune system. Until last year, I constantly suffered from coughs and cold every now and then. I wondered what was wrong, as I never had this problem before. I had to follow severe diet restrictions and drink only boiled water, no cold drinks, which made me totally sick.

As I was not used to living such a sick life, I consulted my doctor, who suggested that my body immunity had lessened and I needed to work on that. He suggested me to start including a superfood, wheatgrass, in my diet. According to him, it was a tried and tested formula and had worked with many of his patients. Within weeks, I felt so much improvement in me that it actually surprised me.

Wheat grass helps to increase body immunity and thus keeps infections at bay. I was bit unsure of this whole idea as eating some kind of a grass was not really my cup of tea. But then, since it was going to be beneficial, I decided to give it a try. Firstly I wondered how I could eat some grass, which someone had stepped upon. Today I laugh at my ignorance about this wonder grass.

This wheatgrass doesn’t just grow up anywhere, but wheat has to be sowed in the soil specially to get this grass. I sowed some seeds in a pot to have my own wheatgrass.

This grass does not taste bad, and one has to actually know how to consume it. What I did was I would add it in my green smoothies and consume it. This way I wouldn't actually feel its taste, (which is not that bad at all), but still including it in my smoothies would help me eat them every day. I usually prefer my smoothies every morning after my walk. This way I have my daily dosage of wheat grass along with the other greens. Since me and my husband, both love to have our daily dosage of smoothies, he also actually eats this superfood and doesn’t even know about it, though I am planning to tell him very soon.

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