Vitamix 5000 Blender

by Thanda
(Arana, India)

I have used many blenders before today but no other blender satisfied me as the Vitamix Blender 5000 does. It is a great performer when I compare it to other blenders. I am so much satisfied with my blender. This blender is an essential part of every kitchen and covers blending tasks in a small time.

It is not only a juice blender but also as a food processor. It is possible to make everything in it from juice to soup. The Vitamix Blender 5000 can process everything from the warm peanut butter to delicious cool smoothies, hot soups and also an ice cream.

I can crush the pieces of ice in a few seconds, I can blend the various seeds including coffee seeds also, and I can blend few of pulses also in it. I can make the dairy products from nuts, I can grind the grains, make juices of fruits and vegetables for getting nutritious health drink. I can grind the pulp of vegetables to retain higher levels of nutrients. There is variety of choices for blending food materials but some of them only satisfied your choice and to your taste.

This model is used for 20 years by many of the people including many of the top health experts. With the Vitamix Blender 5000 you can live longer, it helps weight loss and it can also defy diseases.

The more interesting thing about this Vitamix Blender 5000 is that it can clean itself. Over the years it has just changed its appearance and some of its style. Previously it created more sound when turned on but latest technology makes it with a non voice substance.

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