Stop Dieting

by Susan
(Kansas City, USA)

I have learned after many years of trying different types of dieting that maintaining a healthy weight has not so much to do with your dieting, but with your long term habits. I stopped dieting and started to eat sensibly and in moderation. This has helped me to shed over thirty pounds of fat and increase my lean mass.

The most important habit I have learned is to stop eating three meals a day. I eat six small meals a day and this helps to keep my metabolism up and the unwanted fat down. Your body tends to store less fat when there is a constant intake throughout the day instead of three large meals separated with long breaks in eating.

I try to eat whole foods as much as possible. These include whole breads and pastas, whole vegetables and fruits, and whole lean meats. I learned that fat is not always your enemy and in fact you must consume some fat. I get my fats from olive oils, nuts, and fish. I cut intake of sugar to a bare minimum too. When you have excess glucose levels in your blood your body converts this sugar to fat.

Keeping motivated is not easy; I monitor my body fat percentage instead of actual weight and this allows me to see real results fast.

I keep realistic goals for myself and relax when it is appropriate. If you never indulge in small amounts of fun, such as chocolate, you will relapse into bad eating habits eventually.

If you find it hard to spread your meals out through the day you can learn to stash healthy foods at work, in the glove box, at home, or other places you find yourself with little time to prepare a meal.

Great foods to lose weight include nuts, dried fruits, and different protein shakes.

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