Shopping for Blender in Malaysia

by amita
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Hi! This is Amita from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and I was thinking what am I going to buy in Malaysia as all the reviews seem to be foreign brands but as God would have it, I saw Alan's from Penang, Malaysia and that means it's a brand available here! Thanks Alan.

Over the years, I've had horrible experiences with blenders, I started cheap and went on to rather higher end ones, but my luck with blenders have been just bad. I currently use a juicer for my everyday juice, but have taken the first step to going raw and want to start on the green smoothies using a robust blender instead - using Alan's suggestion, I have a first place to start and will start my shopping around soon. It is my birthday next week and I have told my children not to waste money on lavish presents and to ask me what I want instead!, so I will need to fast decide on brand and cost so that it is also not expensive for them to get it for me!

I welcome any suggestions that can help me start my green raw journey.

Love & light

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