Shedding Those Extra Pounds by Eating Healthy

by Sangeeta

Attaining motherhood is one great achievement for every woman. But this achievement comes with a great price in India. When a woman becomes a mother, she is made to eat a lot of foods. uch high fatty foods make mothers like me put on a lot of pounds and wonder what to do about it?

The main aim behind it is to provide rich and nourishing foods to the mother and thus, indirectly to the infant. These foods are very rich and high in fats as well as cholesterol. I am not really sure whether they really provide any nourishment but what I am actually sure about is of the fact that they make you put on a lot of weight.

Since these foods are unavoidable, one is left with very little choice initially. But slowly and steadily one can think of reducing weight, some or the other way later on.

This is what exactly I did, when I realized that I had put on around 20-30 pounds. I needed an immediate action; otherwise I would permanently become one of those fat mamas.

Losing weight is no doubt a difficult task but fasting or starving doesn't help at all. I have been a strong believer of healthy eating and hence I decided to go with the same.

First step on my list was banning all sweets and high fatty foods. I included all healthy food choices such as fruits, green vegetables, juices, salads and smoothies. Apart from that just to control my cravings, I opted for popcorn, bread sticks, soups and oil free snacks. This diet immensely helped me in losing weight.

The formula of eating healthy and losing weight has always done miracles in people who follow them perfectly. Within a month I shed around 20 pounds.

My only motivation behind this weight loss was my kid. I wanted to stay healthy and strong for him, which is possible only when you eat healthy food and stay away from those cholesterol laden foods.

I still continue with this diet as it has successfully brought me back in shape. Though occasionally I do indulge in some or the other cravings like ice-creams or chips, but then I try and compensate for the same by going on a soup diet or a salad diet to shed out all the extra pounds that I have built up inside me.

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