by Sweetha
(Coimbatore, India)

Peas are really for the health conscious and for people who lack in Vitamin C. Green peas have all good things needed for a happy living when old. Our body develops better to face the future in a better way.

Good eating does not just mean eating at the right time but also means healthy eating. Green peas are filled with vitamins, iron, phosphorous, protein, carbohydrates and the best of all fibre.

In these recent days where our food habits are terrible and we are surrounded by junk food we need to include a lot of vegetables in our everyday menu. So as far as I know this is the world’s healthiest vegetable. If not, why would I eat Green Peas from when I was 3 years old and still find it to be my favourite vegetable?

Green peas are the natural vitamin supplement which tastes awesomely good. The natural sweetness it contains would tempt anyone to eat them raw. It could be either cooked or could also be eaten raw.

Here in India, peas are used in everyday curries or just boiled and served as a vegetable for the noon meal. From salads to any kind of meal, green peas are used.

I personally love it as a vegetable for my rice which is steam cooked and then fried with onions and chilli power with a little butter. With my cooking skills I thought I could share a recipe with you so that you could taste the wonder of green peas.

This green pea curry is called Mutter Masala, mutter means green peas. For that you will need the following ingredients. Green Peas – Half Cup Tomatoes – 2 Medium sized. Onions -3 medium sized Chilly power- 1tsp Ginger Garlic paste- 1tsp Cashew nuts – 1Tbsp Traditional Indian Spices- 2 pinches. (Cinnamon, cardamom, Cloves) Butter as needed. Coriander leaves to garnish. Salt a Pinch. Procedure: 1). Grind Raw onions and keep It separate. 2). Grind tomatoes also to a smooth paste and keep it aside. 3). Soak cashew nuts in warm water for sometime and grind that also into a smooth paste. 4). In a kadai (Cooking vessel), heat butter and add the spices and then fry ginger garlic paste. 5). Add the ground onion paste and fry for some more time till golden brown 6). Then add the tomato paste along with the chilly powder and stir. 7). Pre cook the Peas in boiling water. 8). Add the vegetable to the tomato paste and add salt to it and wait till the vegetables are fully cooked. 9). Add little water if needed and after it is fully cooked; add the cashew nut paste to it. 10). Garnish with Coriander leaves The curry could be served with Rice or Rotis.

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