Oster Mixer Grinder MCPR06-WSO

by Surama
(Kolkata, India)

I purchased an Oster mixer grinder model MCPR06-WSO 1 year back. Being a working woman, I am out of the house most of the time. My family always looks forward to fresh meals everyday. So it becomes very tiring for me. But after I have purchased the blender it has reduced my workload to a very minimum. It is best blender that I have purchased after many years.

Earlier I was using a Philips blender for many years. When I compare blenders of both the model there is much difference between the two. My new model has an all-metal blender parts for the toughest grinding and takes very less time to grind things. It also has pre-programmed six speeds where I can do mixing, wet grinding, dry grinding, blending and whipping of creams and shakes. It has become very easy for me to meet the demands of my family members when I reach home. I can quickly prepare shakes, smoothies with the whipping blade and when ice is required I use the ice-crushing blade. I prepare milkshakes, cold coffee and other fruit juices in a matter of few seconds.

It blends very smoothly and the jar is made up of plastic so it is very easy to clean. Nothing sticks to the inside of the jar. The cord can be kept under the blender so it takes up very little space in the kitchen. Overall it is very light and easy to operate. I have not faced any service issues till date.

It is little noisy while working but considering the pros definitely outshines the cons. I am very much satisfied and would love to call it my best smoothie blender.

A successful recipe that I always make using my blender is watermelon and mint smoothie. Ingredients: 500g Watermelon, 1tsp castor sugar, 6-7 sprigs mint leaves. Cut the watermelon and de-seed it and cut into small chunks. Add the watermelon chunks into the blender jar along with sugar and few sprigs of mint leaves and ice cube. Blend it smoothly and serve the ice cooled drink in tall glasses with a hint of mint leaves. This drink is very refreshing in summer.

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