No Flabs or Bulge Anywhere!

by Omel
(Connecticut, USA)

I made a commitment to raw vegetables about six months ago. I have lost 6 pounds but the weight loss is not the best part. My tummy is flatter than it has been in years and I have no flabs or bulge anywhere. Before I started I had that last ten pounds to lose and it seemed difficult to break through, but with raw vegetables they melted off effortlessly.

There are many benefits to eating raw food, which influenced my decision to commit to eating one large plate of raw vegetables daily. Firstly, vegetables with fibre carry a lot of roughage so it is filling for at least several hours after consumption. The roughage in vegetables slightly bloats the tummy thus eliminating the desire to eat more.

Secondly, substituting an entire meal with my raw vegetable commitment reduced my total daily calories. Calorie reduction is necessary for weight loss no matter what you decide to eat, but the great thing about raw vegetables is they are filling with only a few calories per serving. Feeling fuller on less calories is difficult to find with most foods.

Thirdly, the best thing about raw vegetables is that it dulls your appetite in two ways: the time it takes to chew, makes you feel tired of eating by the time you are through with your meal and the act of eating raw vegetables changes what the body reaches for when it is hungry.

My vegetables of choice are raw broccoli, carrots, and lettuce with salad dressing. Chewing an entire dish of broccoli takes time to get used to but after it becomes a habit you will look forward to it.

Eating raw food for weight loss is the best decision I have made for my health as it made my colon healthy as well.

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