My Raw Food Weight Loss Plan Became A Daily Habit

by Annie
(Florida, USA)

Lunch became my first consistently raw meal. Many vegetables, which I never thought I would ever eat, became a regular part of my daily diet. And guess what! I enjoyed them thoroughly. I could see the improvement within only a couple of weeks.

Eating raw foods was never really my cup of tea, until the day when I ate raw for the first time for the sake of losing weight. If you ask me now I would say there's nothing better than raw foods.

Hectic schedules, traveling etc tempts you eat a lot of cooked food and slowly and steadily you get used to a raw food diet. Same thing happened to me, as many times I ended up eating out and it affected me negatively. When things got out of control I suffered various health problems like bad stomach, acidity and severe weight gain; I decided to do something about it. That was when I switched to a raw food diet, as many people suggested that it does work.

Initially I planned to give it a try, as I earlier mentioned, it wasn't my cup of tea. I thought I would try it for a month or so as to check the results. My digestion improved and above all I lost a couple of pounds.

Then I included a small portion of raw foods in my breakfast as well as dinner as an accompaniment. What I would do was prepare a big bowl of salads and refrigerate it. Then it would become a substitute for all my junk cravings, anytime throughout the day.

Health benefits and weight loss were my motivation behind eating raw foods throughout. I never knew that raw foods could be best foods to lose weight. The raw food weight loss plan which I intended to try for just a month or so has now become part of my daily diet. Looking at its benefits, I just don't feel like quitting.

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