Lose Weight By Pleasure Not Pressure

by Sylvia
(Perth, Australia)

To lose weight you should not feel that it is a hard and tough thing. Eating a raw food diet makes it possible by pleasure not by pressure.

Weight loss is not a hard or painful thing. I wanted to lose my weight because I was not able to walk upstairs very easily like when I was younger.

I went and consulted a nutritionist. She suggested I could lose weight easily and without feeling hungry. This was a good idea because most people who want to lose weight will follow a diet plan for some days or months then go back to their previous cravings and overeating.

My nutritionist suggested that to keep my hunger satisfied and also lose weight I should follow the raw diet plan. The key for raw weight loss success is to eat raw, eat organic, eat alkaline and eat delicious. I tried this raw diet plan and got great results. Within six months, I lost 4kg from my weight. I am now able to walk up stairs easily!

Now I easily follow the raw food diet without strain. My skin is shining also.

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