Kenwood BL450 blender

by Alan
(Penang, Malaysia)

I received a Kenwood BL450 blender as a wedding gift and I use it regularly to make banana ice cream. It's really easy and tastes quite good. All you need are 2 frozen and peeled ripe bananas, 4 spoons of chocolate syrup and a handful of almonds. Mix it all up in the blender for a few minutes and it's done.

The blender also handles hard fruits and vegetables really well and is washed right after use doesn't show stains like another cheap blender I us when cooking.

From my experience, the Kenwood blender is easy to clean and it doesn't leak when you blend liquids compared to other blender models and because of this it is the best blender for smoothies. Try to use short bursts when blending to allow the heavier chunks time to settle down and get shredded by the blender blades.

I strongly suggest getting a second cheaper blender for your cooking needs like when you're cooking curry with lots of chilli. I don't do this but I believe using the same blender for both tasks will add unwanted tastes to your smoothie or ice cream.

To take care of the blender, what I usually do is dismantle the 'jug" part and thoroughly wash the blade by hand. Then if there are some tough stains I reassemble it and fill it with water for half an hour. This is rarely required because the plastic body is of high quality and hard to stain. After that I wash it again until completely clean and let it dry in it's disassembled state.

If your blender begins to leak while blending, it may be caused by a loose rubber ring that sits between the jug and it's blade part. You can easily dismantle the components and find replacements. Large stores like Tesco sometimes carry blender parts like the blade and the rubber ring.

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