Keep Your Garden Tidy

by Amber
(Tamil Nadu, India)

You should maintain your garden so that it doesn’t become congested and it should even be cleaned up once a week. Some people use their garden as their garbage store to store all unnecessary things. This is wrong and please you should not do this as it will certainly degrade your garden. You have to maintain it and keep it tidy so that your garden remains beautiful and hygienic.

If you must maintain a vegetable garden in a little space, you can do so by planning well. If you only have a small space for gardening, you have to plant only the vegetables and curry leaves necessary for your day to day use. You do not need to plant huge numbers of items in your home vegetable garden. Plant according to your garden’s soil type and the climate and weather conditions of your residing area. Once you have harvested your vegetables, you must restart the gardening cycle in time for the next Spring.

If your garden is not surrounded by walls then a thin fence is a must. Only then you can protect your plants from the invasion of animals especially like rabbits, rats etc.

Soil and in a healthy condition is always vital for successful gardening. For domestic purposes though, there is no need to keep your garden with the exact type of soil. But soil has to be well drained and it has to be well supplied with organic matter. It must be certainly free of stones and it has to be facilitated with convenient watering facility.

Usually, if you are keeping vegetable garden during dry periods it will need some extra watering. You may have to monitor and increase the watering level from one week to another week.

Always you have to be very cautious about insect and pest hazards. Once daily, preferably in the morning, you have to check out all your plants thoroughly. However, you do not need to use fertilizers and pesticides frequently.

Apart from all these things, once daily, especially when you are watering or checking your plants with your own hands, you have to convey your regards and you have to inquire about their health and prosperity. Treat your garden as if it were one of your own family members. It will certainly respond you and give you a lot. I convey these secrets to you from my own experience. This is one of the best methods for growing your garden’s soul.

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