Jumped Right Into Healthy Eating Habits

by Sarah
(Melbourne, Australia)

I have had problems with my weight for a long time, I have struggled losing and gaining but I never ate right and didn't completely understand portion control.

My son took a photo of me about 2 months ago, as I sat and looked at it I noticed how overweight I really was, so I decided to start eating healthier foods. I truly did not know where to start, went to several websites that had their idea of what a good diet was, so I decided to make up my own.

I knew a few things like that eating junk food was why I was becoming more and more overweight, and I had to take these out of my diet. Instead of starting slow, I jumped in and I went to the store and bought all the veggies, fruits, fish, and chicken I could find. I stayed out of the inner isles of the grocery store so that I wasn’t tempted to get chips, and dip and all the things that had gotten me to where I was at today.

I also found out through my sister that anything white was not right, as she put it so I decided to take out all white foods as well. Which included: potatoes, white sugar, white bread, rice, and pasta; I replaced them with whole wheat noodles (yes they do sell those!), whole wheat bread, and just basically took out potatoes, sugar and rice.

To my surprise at the end of my 1st month I actually lost weight! I was so excited, so I decided to start walking as well. I wasn’t quite ready for the gym, but I loved to walk and that provides a really great cardio workout!

To the day I have lost a total of 20lbs, cut out all the foods that truly do nothing for you but slow your system completely down. I walk, and soon I will be going to the gym so that I can tone the rest of my body. I know that I am well on my way to healthy living, I am feeling good inside and out!

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