Jai - Workaholic Without Health

by Jai D
(Dublin, UK)

Hi, am 40 year old and have been a workaholic, been with work all my life and neglected health to the core.

Started smoking 20 years now and drinking a ritual as work demanded treating clients and business.

Today i realize my health is so fragile that i do not have basic strength to go out on a week end. Even during week days i am not in any position to work like i used to.

This is a self alarm and i need to stop all this.

Thats when i realize to change completely.

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May 22, 2011
Help is at hand
by: Trina - Growing Raw

Jai, forty is a great age to turn your health around. You have the wisdom and patience of your years and at the same time your body still has plenty of youthful resilience and flexibility to bounce back.

Exercise will boost your fitness and immunity, get you out there moving and feeling good about yourself. However, a decent diet is fundamental.

It sounds like the first move would be to displace your alcohol intake with smoothies, juices and herbal teas. Check it the relevant pages in Growing Raw's Detox section. Then try to make sure that you're drinking enough water and getting five serves of veggies a day to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to rebuild.

Aug 17, 2015
Could you do an article NEW
by: Al

Could you do an article that talks about copyright? How do we avoid infringements when we cite other people's compilations over the internet? For example, what if I print-out a paragraph of our Catechism as it has been formatted (text, font, layout, etc.) over the internet by the Picayune, Mississippi, parish St.Charles Borromeo Catholic Church SCBCC. How do I attribute their work? I notice when I leave one portion of their Catechism site, and go to print a paragraph, that SCBCC's "case number" from the Vatican appears giving SCBCC permission to offer an eletronic version of the Catechism. So how do I properly attribute at that level? Thanks!

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