I Had To Drink Green Smoothies

by Neha
(Jorhat, India)

I would rather avoid recalling the days when I was at a serious loss of health. I was suffering from jaundice. Although doctors had recommended me some medicines, there was not to be seen a commendable improvement in health. I was too worried. It was only then when I was introduced to “the green smoothies”.

I must admit that initially I found it to be extremely horrible in taste. The very moment of drinking it made me feel nausea tic. I hated drinking the weird combination of spinach and strawberry blended together. I found it difficult to get it down my throat. It tasted awful. But my body conditions compelled me to take in this stuff.

I must say that this green smoothie worked wonders for me. I am now fit and healthy. My body has toned up and my skin is glowing as never before. I think it was the missing element in my diet. It has helped me in achieving excellent health and vitality.

I must mention that this green smoothie does not taste that horrible as I had mentioned earlier. I am now at a regular habit of drinking at least one full glass everyday if not two. The green smoothie fits best into my day during breakfast and sometimes when I come home after my class. It’s an easy make and requires lesser efforts.

My personal favorite smoothie is a blended combination of chopped pineapple, a banana, a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice and a cup of water. This is a good one when getting used to the greenness of smoothies, as the sweetness and acid of the orange and pineapple cuts through any green taste.

Looking at the commendable improvement in my health conditions, my mother has included green smoothies in our family’s daily diet, making it compulsory for every member to have it. She thinks that it will provide immunity to the body against adverse health conditions. I am sure we all know about the great benefits of greenies but we do not eat greens at every meal. The main obstacle is our taste buds. And I think green smoothies are an excellent remedy to cope up with the extra nutrient requirements of our body.

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