How To Grow Vegetables In A Desert Climate

by Anonymous

In past years, I have learned what will grow in the desert and what will not grow in the desert and have also gotten some great ideas for preparing the soil before planting. This year, I planted a garden that should do well in the desert climate my area offers.

I began by mixing about 1 cubic foot of garden soil, which can be purchased in the lawn and garden department of any home improvement store, into every 10 square feet of current soil. I followed up by also adding some additional mulch, which I had taken from some things I just had lying around the house. These included egg shells, carrot shavings, apple and orange peels, and anything else similar I could find. I mixed these into the soil very well over the course of about a week. Then I proceeded to water the ground thoroughly, soaking it for about another two days to make sure that the ground was saturated.

When it was time to begin planting, I made sure that the majority of the seeds and plants I purchased are drought tolerant, since the area I live in does not get much rainfall and can also get very hot. In the sunny area of the (front) yard, instead of planting grass, I planted White Dutch Clover as a lawn alternative. I decided this when I learned that clover does not require near as much water as grass. It can grow in extreme heat (if you get the right kind) and can also grow in any type of soil. I also appreciate the fact that I do not have to mow it.

Also planted in the sunny area of my garden are giant sunflowers, which I use as a border for my entryway. In planters along the entryway are several tomato plants and smaller pots of flowers.

In the shady areas of my garden, I have planted a flat of ice plants, although these were actually planted last year and have spread considerably over the last year. I also planted my more delicate plants in this area, such as cilantro, eggplant, bell peppers, and artichoke. The reason I used a shady area for these plants is because in previous experiences, I have found that the leaves will sometimes wilt if they are grown in full sun. Although not everything has reached full growth yet, I am anticipating a great garden this year. I hope that you all will find my story helpful. Happy gardening.

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Sep 17, 2017
clover NEW
by: AZreb

Happy to see remarks about white clover. Will plant some in the yard. Hope the rabbits don't decide it is their "cafeteria".

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