Healthy Diet to Lose Weight After Baby

by Amanda
(Silverdale, USA)

Before I got pregnant I was a healthy 120 pounds, I was in the best physical shape at the time in my life. But that all changed after I had my baby. When I left the hospital I weighted a little over 160 pounds.

I felt very uncomfortable with my new size. So the moment I left the hospital with my new born I vowed to exercise regularly and make every meal a healthy food choice for me and my newborn.

I got a lot of my motivation for healthy eating because I knew that everything I ate she would be eating too through the breast milk. Breast milk was so important to her health and well-being that I had little to no fat saturated foods.

I mainly ate whole grains like brown rice, corn tortillas, and wheat bread. I always tried to have a large serving of fresh greens, such as romaine lettuce, baby spinach and snow peas for lunch, and dinner. I would only eat a fruit in the morning and sometimes for a snack in the afternoon or evening. I did not limit myself on the types of fruits I ate. I enjoyed strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, honeydew, and blueberries. And for my protein I ate a lot of chicken, non-fried of course, beans, and eggs. Once a week I would have steak or a hamburger for dinner.

I avoided going out to restaurants because too often we don't know exactly what is really in the menu items and how many calories the meal might contain.

Another choice I made to live a healthier lifestyle is exercising and moderate physical activities. On a daily bases I would go out and be active. Go for walks, on forest hikes, swimming, having picnics, crabbing, and gardening. I did all kinds of activities as long as I was moving I was happy.

Through breast feeding and adopting a healthy life style in just 3 months after delivering my child I weighted 125 pounds. I was absolutely happy with the results of my decision. I still maintain the same eating regime and I still try to get physical exercise through fun activities.

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