Green Smoothies Instead of Salads

by Sangeeta
(Mumbai, India)

It was last year at my friend’s place, where I tasted my first green smoothie. I actually couldn't make out what it was; until she told me what I really drank was a cupful of spinach, mangoes and strawberries. I was really impressed with that. That is when actually I came to know what smoothies are and what wonders they do to your body. It was then that I realized what I really needed for my body was something like this.

We all know how eating vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables benefit us in a long run. But when these vegetables are eaten in overcooked form, as in India, they don't seem to maintain that percentage of nutritional benefits. The way green vegetables are cooked in India, with all the spices and oil, I am sure they tend to lose all the nutrients.

We all know, eating salads is healthy, but let’s be honest to ourselves, how many of us do really eat salads every day? I am not sure about you, but at least I don't. If I have to eat a salad, I prefer it covered in rich mayonnaise or any other creamy dressing. This fact really inspired me to switch to green smoothies.

Green smoothies are stuffed with all the nutrients like iron, magnesium, fiber and other vitamins required by our body. Initially I tried and made the same green smoothie, which my friend had made and found out that the process was not at all tedious. Then I started experimenting by including various fruits and other ingredients.

Accepting the taste was never a problem, because trust me guys, green smoothies tastes the best! Within a couple of weeks of my regular intake, I could find a lot of improvements in me. I felt energetic and my skin started glowing. I felt my cravings for junk food had reduced. The best part was that, I shed a few pounds in a couple of weeks.

I prefer having my smoothie after my morning walk. I mostly prefer spinach smoothie with a combination of fresh fruits like mango, banana, strawberries or pineapple as they are healthy.

It’s been a year now since I started drinking green smoothies. Apart from me my husband has also switched to a green smoothie diet. As far as my kid is concerned, though he doesn't prefer it so much, he still has 3-4 tbsp of it from my glass, which I feel is enough for him right now and would help him in developing some healthy eating habits.

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Green Smoothies Instead of Salads NEW
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