Goji Berries

by Zabreena
(Calicut, India)

In my experience goji berries genuinely work and have got real medicinal values. I have read a lot over the net about natural superfoods and the benefits they provide. I was so much carried away with the articles that I decided to order one of the superfoods to find out whether it genuinely had any magical powers of healing and preventing diseases.

I decided to choose goji berry from a list of superfoods, as the reviews and articles really inspired me to purchase the wonder berry and made me believe that it was the best superfood. Goji berries have got high medicinal value and contains antioxidants and can cure and prevent various diseases. I have read articles on how it can help improve our immune system and help us lose weight so I decided to try for myself. I mainly wanted to reduce weight.

There are various superfood recipes that provide a tasty and healthy treat but I decided to take the berries blended with milk. The taste was horrible but somehow I managed to drink it by considering the various medicinal properties the berries would provide me. The first few days I found it hard to drink because of its strong taste but later on I got used to the drink and started consuming it daily and now I have lost about 4 kilos which is really positive.

After having consumed the superfood I feel that goji berries have medicinal values and do work as it claims and guarantees. Goji berries should top the superfood list and they are my most preferred superfood. Regularly consuming this superfood should provide improved vision and is also very good for the liver. The anti aging properties of goji berries is another feature that attracted me even more. You can also prepare various recipes out of this superfood and have it in a tastier form.

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Oct 19, 2015
Goji Berries NEW
by: Anoies

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Aug 28, 2015
Good NEW
by: John

Goji berries is best for me. This is very healthful for everyone. Goji berries is best use for patients. Many benefits goji berries.
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May 14, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Aug 07, 2011
Beware the Goji Berry!
by: Steve K.

I've been a student and proponent of Chinese Traditional Medicine for 25 years and am very familiar with Goji berries. They are classified as a blood and yin tonic, are very powerful and are not to be eaten like candy the way many marketers of Goji would have us believe. I have even seen chocolate covered Goji berries! Alone, they are sweet and tart and delicious. If they or their juice taste bad then something is very wrong. If eaten to excess they can damage the yang principle, making one feel tired, slow and "heavy". If you don't feel strengthened in your back and legs soon after eating them, then STOP!

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