Foods for Healthy Weight Loss

by Thanda
(Arani, India)

Most of the people know about the importance of the healthy diet while losing their weight. I went to the nutritionist and I got some proper diet advice from her. She said some people thought that eating more fruits and drinking water is the best way to lose weight, but it is not true, there are also some other foods which can be in a healthy diet without creating extra fat in the body.

I tried this method for losing my weight. The healthy food supplies the needed nutrition and energy without any fat to the body.

My nutritionist suggested I eat more vegetables which supply more vitamins and fiber. These healthy foods include spinach, kale, and broccoli. Spinach has rich nutrients, iron, and calcium, minerals and anti oxidants. Calcium is rich in broccoli even milk cannot be substitute for broccoli. She also said to me that calcium is very good to keep the bones strong. This is important because while losing weight you have to get more calcium. At the age of forty most women are suffering from osteoporosis. To avoid this disease especially women have to take more calcium than men. Fiber is high in kale and helps digestion.

Vegetables like beans, which have many varieties like navy beans, kidney beans and lima beans, are having superb fat burning benefits and it is also rich in iron, protein and minerals.

So I tried all these vegetables with physical exercise in order to lose my weight. What a surprise within two months I lost my two kg. Now I can walk upstairs quickly and I look slim. In my office many people ask about my secret for losing the weight. I suggest all the vegetables and exercise which I have mentioned here.

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