Eating Raw is Worth the Time

by Stephanie
(Fort Lauderdale, USA)

Sometimes I look around at what decisions so many other people make to feed their bodies and I truly don’t understand it. I can’t believe that we are given the opportunity to be healthy and feel good by putting healthy foods in our bodies and so many people don’t. It has brought me so much benefit that I could never imagine not eating this way.

I began eating a large percentage of raw foods when I was about 20 years old (I’m 27 now). It started off with me making small changes in my diet like eating tons of salads and staying away from anything fried.

Now I eat approximately 90% raw throughout my day and I couldn’t be happier with that decision. I regulate my food intake by simply asking myself "If I still lived in the stone-ages what would I have as options for my food?" This is what I know I was intended to put into my body and know that these are the ingredients that my body will benefit the most from.

The disadvantage to making this life choice is that there aren't always options for me when I go out to eat and if there are I always have to special order things to my diet. That is something that I absolutely can't stand. It get very embarrassing when I’m in a group and everyone makes a simple order and I take 10 minutes to ask them to make something special for me. But I know that my health is worth it and it is something that is easily overlooked. I try to ensure that everything I eat is raw, but I’m not perfect and have to shy away from this once and a while. But it does force me to have to prepare my food for myself in the morning to ensure I get adequate nutrition for the day.

In all sincerity, eating this way makes me feel so good that I would take any amount of time necessary to keep this lifestyle for myself. If I don’t take this time I know that I won’t eat enough throughout the day and it might leave me sluggish. But when I do prepare it, I am very satisfied with the amount of food I eat.

As far as the noticeable health benefits since I have started this way of living, there are quite a few. First, the last time I went to the doctor for my physical she told me that due to the numbers of my HDL and LDL my body is unable to lay down plaque in my blood vessels. I am always energized and alert. My friends and family are always telling me how great my skin color is and how healthy my eyes look. I love it!

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