Eating Healthy When the Gym Didn't Work

by Bharat
(Mumbai, India)

Generally you use exercise or gym equipment to reduce your fat, but this didn't work for me. Gym is a good option if you are health conscious and you can go to the gym to reduce your body weight. But I have lost my weight by eating healthy.

My weight was 80 kg while my height is 5'2". I was looking so bad with my extra fat. I went for gym and exercise but I did not see any change in my figure.

Then at last I decided to reduce my weight by eating a healthy diet in a responsible way to reduce my body weight. I controlled myself to stop eating fatty food. I took fruits and liquid much more in my food rather than solid. I started to eat only two chapatti’s in place of three or four. I avoided meat and chicken. In place of these fatty food I drank juice and ate water containing fruits.

To fulfill the deficiency of protein while dieting I used egg whites, beans, sprouted grams and maize seeds which are high in protein. I increased the quantity of juice liquids in my diet as juice and glucose water are secrets of high energy. I used to eat soya beans as they are also a good source of protein.

My best healthy weight loss tip is to chew sugarless gums. I used to chewing sugarless gums to reduce my weight.

Eating the healthy diet outlined above reduced my weight rapidly. I gained two important things; health and a healthy figure. Now I am very happy as I lost approximately twenty kg within four months.

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