Doctor Told Me To Drink Green Smoothies

by Surama
(Kolkata, India)

I started drinking green smoothies 5 years back. It all started when I fell ill because of measles. I was had a very high fever and the spots were coming out all over my body. It took 6 days for the fever to subside but it made me very weak and my haemoglobin level was very low. My physician advised me to have as much green vegetables as I could and to eat a high protein diet to combat the weakness.

First I started with spinach and beetroot smoothie that was little awful to drink but I had gulped it down thinking of it like medicine. Slowly I started with different variations like cucumber with tomato and bottle gourd with apple to break the monotony of drinking the same smoothie on a daily basis.

My haemoglobin level has increased because of the beetroot and spinach juice and I feel healthy and fresh. It also helps in controlling the blood cholesterol level. I have tried drinking bitter gourd juices a few times but honestly speaking I am not diabetic so given a chance I avoid it.

My eating habits have changed since then and it has become a routine for me to take a glass of green smoothie before having my breakfast. I have seen a glow on my face and my bowel habits have become very regular.

I prepare healthy smoothies with my blender, which churns it very nicely, and serve them to my family members early in the morning. Being a working woman, I have to think it the night before so that I keep all the vegetables washed and ready so that it is instantly prepared in the blender.

I have a few recipes but I will be writing down my favorite one that I love. You need 1 medium bottle gourd, 1 medium apple, 1 medium cucumber, a few sprigs of coriander leaves and salt to taste. Wash all the vegetables and cut them into small chunks. Put all the pieces into the blender and if needed add ice pieces to it. Add coriander leaves and churn it thoroughly. Add a little salt. Blend nicely. Serve it fresh. A healthy and juicy drink. No need to add water to it.

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