Cool Yourself Down With Lime Green Smoothies

by Michael
(Tempe, USA)

There are many different types of smoothies I like to drink, but my favorite kind is green. However, I don’t like just any type of green smoothie; I always eat lime-flavored green smoothies.

I have liked lime-flavored foods and drinks as long as I can remember, so I did not hesitate when I had my first opportunity to eat a green smoothie when I was visiting North Carolina. I, along with my sister and mother who also tried the green smoothies upon my urging, were delighted with the taste.

Once we returned home we decided to attempt to recreate the taste ourselves. We shopped for the best blender for smoothies, and decided upon a juicer instead. We found it to be superior for fruits with tough rinds such as limes, the most important ingredient in a green smoothie. While limes are good for one’s health, they can be very sour by themselves, so we added whatever berries we had around the house and juice oranges to the blend. Since we were trying to maintain healthy eating habits, we did not add sugar, but used coconut milk instead.

We were very pleased with the results, and now I eat smoothies quite often, at least twice a week. I find the fruit really gives me energy, so I eat them at breakfast to perk me up for the day. And if I am tired, I can just add some ground coffee beans to the mix.

I now notice that if I go too long without a green smoothie I don’t feel as energized throughout the day; in those cases I notice I am only about twice as energized as the average person, instead of about 5 times as energized. Typically during the hottest part of the summer (which gets pretty hot here in Phoenix) my green smoothie intake triples, because I find that nothing cools me down and quenches my thirst as well as a green smoothie.

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