Choose A Good Position

by Thanda
(Chennai, India)

It’s important to fill the dining table is with delicious and beautiful fresh vegetables. To get the best fresh vegetables you have to plan a vegetable garden. I think a good size for a vegetable garden is to 10`X16`. You can make the rows of up to 1` wide and 10` long with six inches between. If it is possible make the rows face north and south because this direction will get more sunlight.

When you consider planting the vegetables you have to check with the climate. With good planning you can rotate the crops which you plant in the ground, and you can make use of more space available. In the cold weather you can plant cauliflower, onions, turnips, potatoes, and you have to choose the varieties of beans and green peas to plant. When the weather is a bit warmer you can plant the other types of beans, leafy vegetables and carrots. You have to know that your vegetable seeds are good quality and will grow.

You have to decide whether you are going to plant in the open soil or in raised vegetable garden beds. Most people prefer to plant in raised beds because the soil remains warm longer, it warms quicker and this method provides good drainage. You can plant in the raised beds by mounding the soil on the ground or by enclosing the soil in wooden, concrete or decorative stone frames. You also have to select an area in which the plants can get water to grow.

It is also advisable beginners to start with a small garden in order to maintain the plants well while they learn.

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