by Jeremy
(Branford FL, AMERICA)

When i was around 14 years old i began to lose weight and felt as though i had every bad health problem known. i had dizzy spells, trouble breathing, acid reflux, severe gas and abdominal pain, acne, dandruff, fuzzy vision, which led to anxiety attacks and feeling as though i could not interact with the rest of society because i never knew when those symptoms would occur. i grew frustrated and became sickened with these feelings so, i began too tackle every thing that i done, my eating habits, my sleep, exercise, what i drank, and medicine i took, WOW, fast food every day,sodas, no daily cardio, man i just knew then that i had too change something.

So by the age of 15 i began to cut the fast foods, and sodas, and replaced them with the average fruits, lots of water, and exercise. i began too feel extremely better than i did through the next year, BUT it seemed that after the years of bad health abuse i couldn't get my muscle and the growth, complexion and over all body that i wanted.

Then i became desperate in learning more about superfoods, then i did my research and i stumbled across super algae foods, WHAT NO WAY I'M EATING ALGAE RIGHT, but i stayed curious about it and eventually ended up buying it around my 17th birthday.

SO when it arrived i open the bottle and almost gagged wow it was such a strong smell, and it tasted just like it smelled. Just a tablespoon, but it seemed the first week of use of these super green algae, CHLORELLA, the taste began too grow on me in a good way. To my surprise it made me feel even 10 times better than i did before using this with an already great diet.

So after about 6 months of use i've seen major improvements in what i wanted with my current exercises. i couldn't believe my eyes and the way i felt, JUST THAT SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME.

Now i am 21 years old, and have no health issues, no pain, i sleep great, feel like i'm in the clouds, and a perfect muscled body, i will never stop taking this green superfood, and HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TOO ANYBODY SUFFERING FROM ANYTHING, NEVER TAKE A PILL AGAIN IN YOUR LIFE TRUST ME!!!!

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