by Suhana
(Alappuzha, India)

I like cacao very much. I often drink cacao-chocolate.

Two years ago my friends told me that cacao is very nutrional food. By using cacao we can improve our digestion and it is also a medicine for patients with a variety of diseases. Cacao is used as a medicine for anaemia, low breast milk production and fatigue. We can also use cacao as a diet food. You can even get a facial using cacao as it is considered a beauty acid and skin moisturizer.

Cacao is made from the seeds of a plant called theobromo cacao. Cacao is also known as the 'food of gods'. Cacao is also known as black gold. The liquors using chocolate is known as chocolate liquors.

Today the availability of cacao is quite good. Many companies are provide cacao powder but most of them are not high quality products. I prefer cacao seed oil. Cacao is available in shops in many forms such as beverage, syrup, candy bar and powder. Using cacao we can make ice creams, deserts, milk shakes, cakes, puddings, cookies, etc. We can also cacao for baking cakes and as a drinking chocolate. There are many types of chocolate-dark chocolate, bitter sweet chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, unsweetened chocolate.

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