Braun Hand-held Blender

by Zabreena
(Calicut, India)

I think my Braun blender is the most used item in my kitchen. I use it almost daily to make fresh juice, butter milk, milk shakes, smoothies etc. I have been using my Braun 300 watt hand'hel blender for the past two years with satisfactory results and have had no problem in its functioning. I also feel that the Braun blender is one of the best blenders compared to its competitors.

Smoothies are my favourite drink and the Braun blender models are the world’s best blender for smoothies. It is very easy to use, all you have to do is connect the blade to the unit and simply press hold the button, the blending is done within a few seconds. The best smoothie blender simply blends perfectly all the ingredients that it provides you a very tasty and refreshing drink that you would be draining even the last drop of it from your glass.

The blender parts can easily be detached and washed. It is also dish washer safe which makes cleaning the blender so simple.

I use to make various milk shakes with my Braun hand blender and the milk shakes tastes simply great. Strawberry milk shake is one my favourite drink and can be easily made using my Braun blender. All you have to do is put a few pieces of strawberry, one scoop of ice cream and chilled milk which is then blended using the hand blender. This is a very refreshing and tasty drink that is perfect on a summer day and with a Braun blender the milk shake can be easily prepared with no fuss at all. The Braun blender blends all the ingredients very smoothly so you will not even have to strain them to filter uneven pieces.

I personally feel that the Braun hand blender is the best appliance in my kitchen. If you compare blender brands then you would find that Braun blenders are the most preferred ones. Braun blender rarely has any problems and requires very little maintenance.

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