Bel Dec 2010

by Bel
(Perth, Australia)

OK, I'm up for this. Sounds like a bit of work but I've tried everything else and I'm sick of bouncing around like a yoyo. My head is also sick of dieting. I'm over it.

Veg Up

So Sara, you have your first buddy! I'll be about a week behind by the time I get started. I know it's just before Christmas but I figure I don't have to miss out on holiday stuff, I just have to make sure I eat the minimum health recommendation servings as well. Anyway if I have to stop and start again it will be just in time for new year.

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Dec 16, 2010
Welcome aboard!
by: Trina (GrowingRaw)

Hi Bel,

You're right, even though the holiday season seems a tough time to start, you can still enjoy the party as long as you get your Veg Up tasks done too.

In a way, starting now might help you get through the Christmas period without the usual over-indulgence. We often tell ourselves we'll have one last spree before we start exercising or eating healthier. However that 'one last spree' sets our baseline back even further, giving us more of an uphill battle at the beginning.

I hope you'll be able to avoid much of that. It should also help that you've so recently been through some goal-setting. With that fresh in your mind your determination to choose healthy food will be stronger.

Dec 17, 2010
by: Sara

You're right, it's good to have some company. I hope I don't slip up a few days ahead of you, I'd rather be a good role model!

Dec 19, 2010
Day 2
by: Bel

Ok I started yesterday and today I hit the green smoothies which I really enjoyed. At the moment it feels like this is going to be easy. I don't think I'm going to have such a day 3 problem. Touch wood!

Dec 19, 2010
Getting in early
by: Trina (GrowingRaw)

Wow Bel, I'm so impressed that you decided to leap in and start before christmas! I was expecting most people to put off making a big change until after new years. You must be very committed to your goals. I'm sure with that much determination you will be fine over day 3, 4, 5 and onwards through the holiday season and out the other end actually having improved your health!

Dec 22, 2010
Day 6
by: Bel

I must have got lucky because day 3 was a breeze for me. I'm really enjoying myself and feeling good already. I must be cut out for this kind of hold your hand while you go stuff because I like the workbook so much. Feels like someone is keeping me company. So it's fun. Not worried about Christmas at all. My plan is to drink my green smoothie from breakfast and have a snackpack of veggies that I have to eat in between Christmas goodies. Don't think I'll be tempted to overeat either, but for Christmas day I'm relaxing my rules about drinking alcohol. I'd be surprised if I want to drink very much though, I'll just have some little Christmas tipples and that's it. My Christmas affirmation is about nature so I'll try to get outside for some quality time with the sky :)

Dec 30, 2010
Halfway Hoorah!
by: Bel

That was the healthiest Christmas I ever had! I'm feeling so great! Should have done this years ago except it's always so hard to start. I don't think I'm going to have much problem with food now, it was really easy to choose healthy food on Christmas because the thought of some of the heavy stuff just made me feel sick anyway. I didn't get an afternoon slump on christmas day either because I didn't have a gut full of fat. In fact I'm generally noticing more energy to get up and do things rather than lounging around all holidays. Love it! At the end of this month I reckon I'll turn back to page 1 and do it all again, except skip some of the recipes I didn't like.

Jan 02, 2011
Congratulations, You Survived Christmas!
by: Trina (GrowingRaw)

Well done Bel! You sound as if you're really enjoying yourself. Are finding anyone around you is picking up on any of your new habits yet?

Jan 12, 2011
One Week To Go
by: Bel

Has it been 3 weeks already? All the Veg Up stuff is becoming so automatic that I don't even feel like I need to look at the book any more. I still think I deserve a big fat reward at the end... but I will feel really happy when I've kept it up by myself for longer. Maybe at 3 months I will really trust my new habits.

Jan 18, 2011
Finished Vegging Up
by: Bel

Unbelievable! I'm done! I feel like I've done some great work with myself over the last month and I'm not going to let it all go to waste. I'm hooked on those green smoothies anyway. Here's a tip, I worked out if I haven't got any leafy greens in the house I can add a tablespoon of spirulina and that will do the trick.

The best thing about doing Veg Up is feeling clean on the inside. I feel like my body is working really smoothly and there's no fats or toxins holding me back.

I still like the idea of having a balance between healthiness and fun in my diet, but know I've got the solid habits happening with the fresh fruit and veg I can enjoy the 'fun' stuff without any guilt. Most of the time what my body wants is healthy food anyway. I like how I've gotten tuned in to healthy food. Thanks! That was definitely worth ten bucks!

Jan 20, 2011
by: Trina (GrowingRaw)

Super work Bel! I'm very happy to hear about how wonderful you're feeling right now. When you keep on with your new healthy eating habits it will only get better.

I hope you drop past the forums to offer some tips to the next few people taking on the Veg Up challenge. Wishing all the best for you.

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