by Dana
(San Diego, USA)

Beetroot is a health giving vegetable as are all other vegetables. So what's so special about it? If you take this vegetable frequently you will be escape from constipation.

It is one of the best juicy and healthy vegetables like carrot, radish, knockol etc. But, if you eat knockol or radish suddenly, probably you will have a chance for getting cold. But if you take even raw or boiled beets, you will not be affected by cold or any kind of related symptoms.

Beetroot is an essential vegetable and healthy food choice for blood and blood related illness. If you are seriously affected by loss of blood or shortage of blood, it is enough to take beets frequently to compensate your blood paucity. '

Beetroot is naturally enriched with almost all essential nutrients like carbohydrate, vitamin A and B, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron and betanin. Among them betanin is highly assisting to cure some kinds of heart diseases. It is also enriched with fiber. Since constipation is a vital cause for all kinds of basic ailments, if you are free from constipation, there is no chance for unnecessary ailments.

Beetroot’s leaves are also edible and are considered as healthy eating and by making use of that, you can make salads and add such leaves as curry leaves in any kind of dishes.

You can use beetroot in your regular diet out of season by eating preserved beets. You can preserve beets in a variety of ways for later use like canned, pickled, frozen or stored in a cool dry environment.

Raw beetroots can be used for making all kinds of salads as all other vegetable salad recipes and they can be used for making juice also. If you want to increase your hemoglobin level particularly, taking beetroot juice often is one of the best ideas. By the bye, as a matter of fact, it is not using to increase your hemoglobin but also it will use to reduce your hypertension in a remarkable level. By taking beetroot juice frequently, you can comfortably control your blood pressure, cholesterol and even cardiovascular diseases. Also it is capable to increase your good cholesterol called HDL cholesterol.

Taking beetroot at any form in your regular diet is always highly advisable. Since beetroot comprises an excellent source of fiber and iron and it is completely free from fat, this is considered as very healthy natural vegetable. The only thing is if you like to eat it in a raw form you have to get used to its chalky aftertaste.

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